What is Singani?

Singani is the national spirit of Bolivia, and it is a brandy made with a very specific variety of Grapes. They first make ferment and make a wine from a very specific type of grape and then they distill that to get to the wonderful end result of the spirit.

Pisco & Singani have a shared origin and use a similar process but Singani is definitively its own Unique spirit, with its own history and customs. Singani can only be produced in Bolivia and also can only be made from Grapes grown and harvested 5,200 ft above sea level. Bolivia is an incredibly mountainous country and the Moscatel Alexandria grape grows really well in that high altitude.

How do I use it?

It is quite delicate and floral, so In my opinion, it is a great substitute for Vodka! You can also use it in place of an Pisco cocktails or drinks as well since they are both quite similar.

There are also some very classic cocktails that you can make such as the Choofly. The Choofly is a very traditional Bolivian cocktail that uses Ginger, Lime and Singani. It is similar to a Chilcano, which uses Pisco but with the extra floral nature.

Choofly Recipe:
2.0 oz Singani 63
1.0 oz Lime Juice
0.75 oz Ginger Syrup
Shake all ingredients and serve in a glass with fresh rocks.
Top with Soda Water.

What are some Good Bottles?

The most commonly found bottle in the U.S is Singani 63, which is owned by Steven Soderbergh. Soderbergh is a Hollywood director and he does a lot of Content around Singani so definitely check them out. He is very active online and really trying to bring awareness to this great spirit.

It is also the primary bottle that I use at my Bar & Restaurant.

There is also Rujero and Casa Real which are other brands of that you can find in the U.S

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