What is 818 Tequila?

818 Tequila is a “premium” Tequila owned by Kendall Jenner, one of the Kardashians. It is a tequila trying to capitalize on the hype train surrounding tequila at the moment as well as Kendall Jenner’s massive popularity to sell a tequila brand.

818 Tequila is a Tequila brand that retails for anywhere between $50 to almost $70 depending on where you buy it. They have an 818 Blanco, the also have a 818 Reposado and a 818 Anejo expressions and soon to come, an ultra premium extra anejo as well. While these prices are pretty high, they are in line with other tequila on the market. There are certainly more expensive and cheaper options out there. So they seemed to have gone for pricing in the middle.

818 Tequila has been making waves on social media and traditional media despite all of the other celebrity tequila’s coming out over the last few years. It’s hard to keep up with all of them to be honest, but 818 has been able to carve out a space for itself in the market. Especially utilizing the Kardashians giant combined platform, they have been able to break into a highly competitive market in a big way.

Though, it hasn’t always been roses for the brand. They have come under heavy fire for claims of cultural appropriation and copyright violations. It is a highly controversial brand to say the least. They have also been accused of contributing to the worsening of the problems surround the tequila industry.

If you want to learn more about the problems with Celebrity tequila, you can check out my video here.

While it is an incredibly popular tequila, No 818 Tequila Review would be complete without talking about what it tastes like and telling you exactly how I feel.

I tasted both the Blanco expression and the reposado expression, give you my thoughts on who this tequila was made for, and my final verdict on whether or not I can recommend this tequila.

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