Why Are There So Many Celebrity Tequila Brands?

Today, It seems like every single celebrity owns a tequila brand. You cant go anywhere without seeing these celebrity tequilas. Clubs, bars, restaurants, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Its everywhere. Celebrities like Lebron James, Kendall Jenner, Nick Jonas, Michael Jordan, and even Guy Fieri all have their own tequila brands now.

Could it be for their love of the heritage and craftsmanship of making tequila? Maybe its because tequila has always been their passion? Hell no! And that’s only the beginning of the Problems with Celebrity Tequila.

Tequila has become one of the most popular spirits on the planet, and is on track to beat even bourbon in America which is unheard of. And with George Clooney having sold his Brand, Casamigos for over 1 Billion dollars, it isn’t hard to see why all of these celebrities are getting into the tequila game.

But tequila is an old industry and has a lot of history and established practices which these Celebrities are currently exploiting to make millions and millions of dollars. Making tequila is a back breaking and lengthy process which is very labor intensive and humble work. These celebrity tequila brands are dead set on finding shortcuts and put out as much product as possible.

Cultural appropriation, contributing negatively to the tequila industry, impact on the environment, negatively impacting the Mexican economy are all huge issues that Celebrity Tequila brands are contributing to. The biggest issue though is that while they have helped to popularize Tequila in the U.S, it is getting the general public accustomed to poorly made or overly artificial flavors in tequila and making those popular. As opposed to the great ancestral brands that have been making tequila the right way for generations, such as these three which I consider to be the 3 best tequilas you should be drinking right now.

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