Don’t Drink Casamigos Tequila! Drink These Brands Instead

Casamigos Tequila is one of the most popular tequila brands on the planet. Everywhere you look, Casamigos seems to be on the shelves. But honestly, Casamigos is not a good tequila brand. It has additives, its overproduced and it not worth the price. In this Video I will show you the 3 best tequila brands you should be drinking instead.

Tequila is one of the most popular spirits out there and so many brands are capitalizing on it. Celebrities far and wide have tried to make a quick buck by selling tequila and there are so many bad brands out there. And that’s all thanks to Casamigos. Casamigos was created by George Clooney and eventually he sold it to Diageo for $1 Billion dollars so in a way they were responsible for the whole trend of Celebrity Tequila.

Celebrity tequilas are becoming a huge problem in the tequila industry especially as the tequila industry continues to explode in popularity. I did an entire video on the problems with Celebrity Tequilas which you can watch to learn more about. All of these celebrities are cutting corners and creating an inferior product to make money while hurting the tequila industry as a whole.

The Three brands I cover in this video are all family owned and run, free of additives and are all well worth your money.

Mijenta is a more recent brand to the industry but they are committed to sustainability and creating amazing tequila. Arette is a great budget tequila that is cheaper than Casamigos and certainly tastier. El Tequileno tequila has been a mainstay in Mexico since 1959 and is steeped in tradition.

These are the three best tequila brands 2022 you should be drinking instead of Casamigos.

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