Don Julio 1942 Review | Is it worth the $170?

Don Julio 1942 is a premium Tequila loved by Celebrities and tequila connoisseurs alike. It is an Añejo Tequila that retails for anywhere between $150 to $230 depending on where you buy it. It was one of the first ultra premium tequila’s out there and has an amazing reputation. Part of that reputation comes from Don Julio the company, as they were very well known and highly regarded. That paired with the celebrity hype behind this tequila, propelled it to super stardom. Don Julio tequila is one of the most popular and sought after tequila’s on the planet.

In this video, I give you my honest review of Don Julio 1942. While it is an incredibly popular tequila, No Review would be complete without talking about what it tastes like.

Don Julio 1942 Taste

I will not lie, This is one of the smoothest tequilas I have ever tasted in my life. It has those beautiful delicious caramelly, vanilla notes from the barrel it was aged in but it still has that distinct Agave flavor that still comes through. It is easy to drink and you could easily lose yourself in this bottle.

Its easy to see why it is so beloved as it is a perfect tequila, for non-tequila drinkers. It is exactly the opposite of what people typically associate with Tequila. Its not harsh at all, it is easy to drink, taking shots of it goes down super easy, and it looks amazing. If you want to ball out and look like the man at the club, this bottle will draw eyes. It stands out with its beautifully sculpted bottle.

Final Verdict

Truthfully, Don Julio 1942 is delicious. There is no denying it. My Biggest issue with this tequila is its price. For the price you pay, anywhere between $150-$230, I believe there are plenty of other tequilas out there worthy of your money.

One in particular i believe is more worth it is Fortaleza Añejo.